daybed donald

daybed donald is a donald judd inspired simple and minimal piece of furniture
made for overnight guests or a quick nap in the afternoon.

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wooden bike hook

these minimal wooden bike hooks present an elegant and clever way to store your bespoke bicycle at home.

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side table berlin

the side table berlin is made of powder coated steel.
size: 340mm in height and 920mm in diameter

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miroir rosé & concrete tiles

a mirror set with warm appearance in rosé / bronze. available on demand
herring bone flooring tiles made of concrete

design: sandra thomsen, sönke martensen



sofa system / elmgrey

elmgrey is a classically designed sofa system with a unique wooden frame.

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counter / flowershop

two minimal counters made for a flower shop in hamburg.
blumenbinder trittmacher, colonnaden 72


stool greys

solid oak stools cushioned with fine calf leather in various shades of grey.

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side table

acrylic glass table with a seemingly freefloating walnut veneer surface. 

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fluo bag

an hommage to the simplicity, aesthetics and function of the common plastic shoppingbag
used in stores throughout germany.

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tubular furniture

two stools and a table are reduced to one wall dependent piece of furniture.
made of stainless steel tubes and semi transparent plexiglass.

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fluo pillow

two pillows become one by beeing held together in a single pillowcase.

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the idea was to create an indoor sleeping bag which combines the freedom of movement
the user is accustomed to in his own bed with the mobility offered by a conventional sleeping bag.

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